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House-iversary: The First Year

It’s officially been one year since Jack and I closed on the house and hunkered down to do some work: we’ve tackled crucial repairs and less-crucial upgrades, and though we’re still far from finished, we’re still standing. We are incredibly fortunate to have professional help in the family, and eternally grateful to my parents for […]

Doing the Dirty Work

There are some really fun parts of running a creative business and renovating a house. There are some really great things about living in Boston and eating and drinking and socializing in Boston and biking in Boston. There are moments that are perfect for sharing and moments that are perfectly photogenic. There are also times […]

Friday Fancies

We’ve been buried in drywall and deadlines—oops!—but quick, before another week slips away from us, a big thank you to Wayfair’s Boston team for hosting a lovely event with Dwell Studio’s Christiane Lemieux last night! Jack and I have (clearly) had home improvements on the brain as of late, and connecting with local creatives is […]

Weekend Warriors

When I packed up from my small hometown in rural PA and headed to Boston for college, my grandmother quipped (with only the best intentions very early in her dementia) that it was the beginning of the end of me. Leaving the town that houses the majority of my family, then and every visit since, is […]