Doing the Dirty Work

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There are some really fun parts of running a creative business and renovating a house. There are some really great things about living in Boston and eating and drinking and socializing in Boston and biking in Boston. There are moments … Continued

Friday Fancies

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We’ve been buried in drywall and deadlines—oops!—but quick, before another week slips away from us, a big thank you to Wayfair’s Boston team for hosting a lovely event with Dwell Studio’s Christiane Lemieux last night! Jack and I have (clearly) … Continued

Weekend Warriors: Wrecking Ball

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After New Years, we had finally gotten our house (almost) in order. Tools were still mostly in the apartment instead of the basement, but major pre-winter repairs were done, holiday things were stored away, pipes were fixed so cabinet doors … Continued

Everyday Letters: Rubbish

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We have not yet had too many exciting house projects to share. So far, aside from rectifying some heinous green paint, repairs and projects have addressed important things, but not pretty things or even remotely photogenic things. This project isn’t … Continued


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Lately we’ve been spotting faceted, geometric shapes popping up in myriad places: textiles, home goods, jewelry, fashion, art, packaging, web design, type and everywhere in between. I’ve been keeping score on Pinterest, but it seemed high time to round up some examples … Continued

Ice Cold: Adventures in Frigidity

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What’s cooler than cold? Ice cold. We are, of course, still working out the kinks in the house, and discovering all sorts of fun new challenges. To be clear, we were counting on this—but expecting the unexpected doesn’t make finding … Continued