Stirred, Not Shaken

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In March, while I was in Pennsylvania for a bridal shower, I helped my parents in their final sweep of my grandmother’s house; the property had sold, the valuable contents had be claimed or auctioned, and the closing was approaching. … Continued


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We’ve been noticing hexagons cropping up all over the place – web design, logos, fashion, wallpaper, furniture, jewelry, fixtures – and we’re not entirely opposed. There’s something exciting about the hex shape, but its symmetry is comforting. (No? Is that just … Continued

Ugly Mug

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It’s a typical Sunday scene: our first order of business on any morning that doesn’t involve a day job is coffee, followed shortly thereafter by my spreading out work to be done in the dining room, and Jack retreating to … Continued

Jack and The Bots

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We’ve been in our current apartment for almost three years. When we first moved in, we dug through my old art homework and hung a series of rough sketches as a placeholder on the dining room wall, fully intending to … Continued


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Last week, I found some new spoons. A full dozen of these were on sale, and clearly needed to make their way into our standard rotation. The very first thought I had was a mini caprese salad – and that’s … Continued

In Bloom

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Spring has taken its sweet time, but finally things are starting to enter full bloom – outdoors and in. Over the holidays, we ordered a grab bag of air plants from Tortoise Loves Donkey. We dragged our feet, and they … Continued

Treasure Hunters

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Goodwill. Flea markets. Yard sales. Dollar-A-Pound. Clothing swaps. Jack has never been a big fan of the time and tedium involved in sifting through others’ discards in search of treasure; I grew up on it. Jack, however, is far and … Continued

Finding Fuchsia

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We’ve long been obsessed with purple around here, and I embraced the Color of 2010 (turquoise) fully – but there’s a new color on the scene, popping up in interior design, fashion, beauty and even cars – and I have to … Continued

Shedding Light

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The living room of our rental was afflicted with a space lamp. Really, I assume the light fixture (which we’ve had it out for from the get-go) was from the early 90’s, and not the future, but it was difficult to … Continued