Ugly Mug

It’s a typical Sunday scene: our first order of business on any morning that doesn’t involve a day job is coffee, followed shortly thereafter by my spreading out work to be done in the dining room, and Jack retreating to the office.

ugly mug // union jack creative

Last week, Erin’s post got me contemplating mugs. We tend to favor all-white-everything – we tossed our mismatched mugs when we combined households – but a few designs have caught my eye on Pinterest lately as intriguing, if not a match to our aesthetic.

ugly mug // union jack creative

What are your mug requirements? I prefer a sturdy handle and a flat (not flared) lip, all the better if it happens to coordinate with the other contents of our cabinets.

image credits: 1-Union Jack Creative; 2-Uncovet, via Pinterest [update: Design Letters is behind these mugs, type by Arne Jacobsen]; 3-Target; 4-Gent Supply Co.; 5-Everything Begins

One thought on “Ugly Mug

  1. Danielle Dulchinos says:

    I love #5. I tend to get sentimental about mugs. For me it’s less aesthetic and more emotion. My favorite mugs are the set that were my memere’s (great-grandmother) given to me by my meme. They’re antique corning in this really rich gold with white inside. But mostly I love them for the memories.

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