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Everyday Letters: Make-Your-Own Mugs

What’s that, Boston? You’ve run out of Netflix to watch, and between fighting for the T and navigating avalanche conditions on the street, you never want to leave home again, but you need something to do when the ice pellets come this weekend? Back in the pre-snow days, before the holidays even, we tackled a […]

Excellent Eggs

As a kid, egg decorating with my great aunt Nita (“Nina” to me) was always a highlight of spring. No ordinary dip-and-dye would do for Nina, the retired art teacher, and me, meticulous art teacher’s daughter that I was. We poked pins into pencil erasers and dipped the pin heads into melted parafin to draw […]

Festivities and Photo Booths

What, this wasn’t part of your New Year’s celebration? That’s a shame. We kicked off 2012 with our annual shindig, with a few new additions – most importantly, a photo booth. We’ll share this year’s invitations and a few recipes from the fete that were a hit soon; in the meantime, a few of our favorite shots.

Pops for Pops: A Punny Parental How-To, Part Deux

Much like the Mother’s Day mum cards, we decided to make some punny pops cards in the knick of time for Father’s Day. The classic soda bottle silhouette was a much simpler concept than the pinpricked mum from the very beginning, and the process ended up being much quicker – which was good, since we […]