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Blizzard Blitz

Boston is closely watching weather forecasts today as flakes start falling in a “potentially historic” winter storm, and water coolers everywhere are abuzz with nostalgic nods to the infamous (around here) Blizzard of ’78. A Pennsylvania girl myself, the blizzards of 1993 and 1996 comprise most of my memories of snowpocalypse, so I found myself doing a […]

Life Lately

New England summer, you’re a lovely thing. Autumn’s not too shabby either. (Yesterday’s 36 degree morning, however, made me want to throw a tantrum. We’re not ready!) We’ve been tackling house projects so we can get back to business as usual, and working on a site overhaul, Don’t Take Pictures, and wedding invitations to boot. […]

Life Lately

1-it might as well be spring; 2-I made a getaway to NYC last weekend; 3-final stages of the wall saga coming soon; 4-lovely letters; 5-bowling for birthdays, just like childhood but with beer; 6-sometimes Jack takes selfies; 7-steppin’ out; 8-more wedding calligraphy; 9-Instacart is saving our lives, lately image credits: Union Jack Creative