Giant Valley Polo in Mt. Carmel, CT

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Jack and I extended our weekend through Monday, and headed to Connecticut to visit family and check out a polo match. Giant Valley Polo Club has been active on Butterworth Farm in Mt. Carmel for decades, apparently, but it’s still … Continued

Design Salon Boston with Studio Nouveau

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Last night I hopped over to Twelve Chairs post-work for a Design Salon Boston presentation from Lara Woolfson of Studio Nouveau. Lara was a delightful speaker, and offered some exceptional insight into the wedding industry and the growth path of … Continued


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Our weekend was filled with hours of dominoes, beer tasting, trivia, home-cooking, coffee, baseball and rice pudding popsicles. We’re still recovering. Here’s hoping the sun is shining on your Tuesday as well! image credits: Union Jack Creative

Pocket Planets

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Jack and I spent part of Sunday riding out to Blue Hills, and then hiking to the summit. (To his credit, Jack would have preferred to ride to the top; I refused to make that climb on my fixie.) It … Continued

Forward Facing

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We were supposed to be closing on a house today. But we’re not. It’s a long, complicated story that was two months in the making, but the short version is that someone else’s oversight caused things to fall through in … Continued

Happy Mothers’ Day!

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In the backyard of my parents’ house in Pennsylvania, there’s a lilac bush. “Bush” is a bit of a misnomer – it’s really more of a lilac tree, or a forest unto itself – and every spring, we had enough … Continued

Once Upon A Weekend

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Today was all sorts of madness – so here’s what we were up to this weekend, instead. ICA First Fridays – Barry McGee