Forward Facing

We were supposed to be closing on a house today.

forward facing // union jack creative

But we’re not. It’s a long, complicated story that was two months in the making, but the short version is that someone else’s oversight caused things to fall through in the eleventh hour. We’ve been a little bummed about it, a little adrift, and it’s been a little quiet around here since we got the news – but now we have a few new projects on our desks, a few visitors lined up soon, and a few more free weekends for summer adventures with friends.

Here’s to facing forward.

snippets from instagram, top to bottom, left to right: 1-Hubway to Toro; 2-Sweet Cheeks; 3,4-WINE Club Boston’s Gatsby Party; 5-Lilac Sunday; 6-running in the Fens; 7-Cambridge Cemetery; 8-Barry McGee at the ICA; 9-data visualization

4 thoughts on “Forward Facing

  1. Mutti says:

    Keep looking for the silver lining. When you find the perfect place, in the perfect spot, in just the right condition, you’ll say, “thank goodness that house deal fell through.”

  2. elizabeth says:

    NOOoooo! I was wondering what the status was 🙁

    well then, it wasn’t meant to be and consider yourselves lucky. let’s plan a night and celebrate.

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