Friday Fancies

In the interest of looking ahead, we’ve been starting to plan our summer adventures. While I ponder my first ever Sperry purchase (gold or classic brown?), Jack is daydreaming about our return trip to Sturdivant Island with friends and hoping it will resemble this. (It won’t. Not quite.)

quinetum // union jack creative

As the week winds down, take a peek at the delightful packaging for the delightful-sounding Quinetum cordial from the folks behind Hendrick’s gin, peruse Ethan Barber’s photos of Boston’s Public Garden at night (collectively posted at Pop & Circumstance, and amidst other adventures at Barber’s blog), consider 2013’s color trends as they apply to web design, and smile broadly at Jaime Moore’s birthday portraits of her daughter posed as influential women in history.


image credit: Quaker City Mercantile, via Lovely Package

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