The Art of Data

Over the weekend, Jack and I stopped by the Cyberarts Gallery on a whim, and caught the interactive projection art of John Carpenter.

the art of data // union jack creative

dandelion clock uses data mapping techniques (with which Jack is much more well-versed) and a sensor to allow the viewer to interact with the glowing sparks that resemble familiar dandelion seeds: an approach or the flick of a wrist sends them scattering about the wall before gradually resettling to the center.

This piece was incredibly fun to interact with. Other installations by Carpenter similarly engage the viewer with a silent, graphic presentation of a natural element – a simulated wheat field waves as you approach, or a wall of shadows shifts as your movements rustle imaginary leaves. For more about Carpenter’s work, including longer videos of the installations in action, visit his portfolio; to see dandelion clock in person, swing by the Boston Cyberarts Gallery.

image credit: Union Jack Creative

video credit: Union Jack Creative (on Vine)

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