Maine Craft Distilling

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For a bit of a Thursday throwback, we’re revisiting our 36-hour getaway to Portland, Maine last fall. When the house-buying drama was at its peak, and it was clear that everything was out of our hands, Jack and I decided … Continued

Hover and Gather

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Last night, I had the pleasure of finally checking out relative newbie Gather with Elizabeth. The view of the ICA was lovely, the staff was delightful (thanks, Chris!), the┬áchicken and waffles was excellent, and the lights…those lights!

UJC’s Best of Boston

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It all started with a tweet. hey @KZiegs – can you do this > for me? you and @UJCreative have the best drinks in the best places xoxo, me — elizabeth swartz (@elizabethswartz) January 7, 2014 First off, we’re … Continued

All American

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When I got word at the last minute that I could take this whole holiday week off, visions of fabled “free time” danced through my head. Not so much. (Turns out, we have plenty of work outside of work to … Continued

American Craft Beer Fest

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Kate and I spent last weekend in Connecticut, but before we left I made the annual trip to ACBF with friends. The American Craft Beer Festival is unapproachable in scope unless you develop a plan to winnow down its copious … Continued


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Yesterday was cold, rainy and basically blustery; today, highs are hoving near 80 and the sun is shining. We are so ready for some summer weather. I’ve been catching popsicles popping up all over the place – art featuring them, … Continued

New Kid on the Block

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There’s a new truck in town. Area Four was perhaps the only company not April-fooling when it rolled its new food truck up to Dewey Square this morning. I work across the street, and the truck caught my eye first … Continued

Pantone Pairings

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David Schwen’s #pantonepairings photos have been making the rounds on Pinterest, but only this morning did I finally track them down at the source. What fun I’ve been missing! Schwen, as it turns out, is a very talented Instagram user … Continued