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Last week, I found some new spoons. A full dozen of these were on sale, and clearly needed to make their way into our standard rotation. The very first thought I had was a mini caprese salad – and that’s … Continued

Tis the Season

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We’re working on catching up – both here and at KateRuns – after last week’s Boston Fashion Week whirlwind. In the meantime, please accept our peace offering of this stunning video recipe for an apple galette. Credit is due to … Continued

Taste Test

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This weekend was a whirlwind of recipe testing, friends visiting and assisting in birthday celebrations. All of our good intentions to make headway on holiday projects vanished before our eyes – but it was worth it.

For Love of Leftovers

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Our weekend turned out to include a veritable mini-Thanksgiving – roasted chickens, caramelized brussel sprouts, French onion soup, cranberries on salads, potatoes, pumpkin pie and fresh, homemade bread. Also, not a single photograph was taken. This is regrettable, but frankly … Continued

Craving Caffeine

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We’re coffee lovers – it’s no secret. This morning, though, it seemed others were feeling particularly vocal about their coffee habits. From Katie’s post about her newly discovered love, to Kelly and Abby seeking out their respective fixes, contemplations on … Continued

B(re)aking Bread

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Disclaimer: some may argue that this post has nothing whatsover to do with UJCreative’s typical interests in art, design and general creativity. That’s a fair claim to make. But, the ladies with whom I dined earlier this week insisted on the recipe, … Continued