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TEDxCambridge + Mastering Metadata

On Friday, Jack and I had a chance to attend talks at TEDxCambridge, focusing on local research and the Cantabrigian spirit. One of our favorite talks came from Deepak Jagdish and Daniel Smilkov, researchers at MIT’s Media Lab and the people behind Immersion, a tool that allows you to map and manipulate¬†your email metadata.

Occupation Station

Setting aside personal political perspectives, I still felt it necessary to share the concept of Occupy Design. As a couple with backgrounds in political science (him), international affairs and anthropology (me), the idea of going beyond hand-drawn signs to associate good design and effective infographics with political protestations is intriguing beyond partisan bounds.

Mr. Touchy Walken

For Friday, we leave you with this. By way of brief explanation (for truly, in some things, less is more) – the title of the original assignment was “My. Touchy Face,” the object of which was to develop a character in flash whose features would animate into five emotions when a user hovered over a […]