The User Is Drunk

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We get a little worked up about user experience, online and in daily life. (Why are horizontal door handles clearly meant to be pushed ever acceptable on pull doors?!) Jack sent me this little snippet last night, and it’s really … Continued

Exemplary Infographics

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Jack is finishing up a course on data visualization, and one of his final lectures referred to the video Wealth Inequality in America. Politics aside, it’s a great example of an infographic video that does an excellent job of making … Continued

Considering Color

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Picking the right color for a project is no small feat. We’ve long used Adobe’s kuler as a tool for browsing colors, but this morning Jack came across a bare bones alternative that has already taken over as a household … Continued

Live and Learn

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Sometimes, the world of the world wide web can get a bit confusing. Jack studied information science, and works in an IT role daily, so these things come easily for him. I fall somewhere between the levels of expert and … Continued

Be Mine, Valentine

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We’re not much for Valentine’s Day ourselves. (Arbitrarily assigned love days are out. Sneaky surprises on random Fridays are in.) Tonight, Jack has class, and I’m headed out for an annual night in with some of my very favorite women. … Continued

Ampersands Revisited

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We’ve shared our thoughts on the ampersand here before – so I’ll just leave this here for you to peruse. Click through for an even larger version. image credit: Six Revisions

Occupation Station

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Setting aside personal political perspectives, I still felt it necessary to share the concept of Occupy Design. As a couple with backgrounds in political science (him), international affairs and anthropology (me), the idea of going beyond hand-drawn signs to associate … Continued