Be Mine, Valentine

We’re not much for Valentine’s Day ourselves. (Arbitrarily assigned love days are out. Sneaky surprises on random Fridays are in.) Tonight, Jack has class, and I’m headed out for an annual night in with some of my very favorite women. We will, as always, rendezvous at home. I will, as always, think he’s pretty neat.

On the other hand, Jack and I do appreciate good stationery, and also puns; Valentine’s Day is arguably about those, too. We’re conflicted.

And so, a few (just a few) of the love notes crossed our paths today, that we wouldn’t mind receiving any day of the year.

NPR has offered up punny, nerdy NPR-themed valentines for public use in the past, and they did so once again in 2012. I’m partial to the 2011 designs myself, but they’re all pretty fun, if you’re into that sort of thing. (We might be.)

Daily Odd Compliment is new-to-me, but Logan Rhoades has been dishing out this unique brand of complimentary commentary since July of 2011. Relevance to the V-Day? In most cases, these are brilliant stand-alone love notes, too.

And, though Jack wasn’t amused by the Muggle Snuggle, I was smitten. Jenny at Yenniper created a whole collection of punny Harry Potter valentines; if you’re a fan, you really should go take a look at the rest.

What were your favorite love notes of this year? Whatever your stance on the big day, we hope your Tuesday has been swell!

image credits: 1,2-NPR; 3-Daily Odd Compliment; 4-Yenniper


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