The Minimal Music Quiz

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Jack and my father play the same game, naming the song artist, title and (if possible) album of every bit of music they encounter. I am abysmal at this game, and have been my whole life; when I haven’t the slightest … Continued

Nuance: Light + Sound

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I don’t know, you guys. Between new and exciting house delays (thanks, gov’ment) and the stressful news that follows high-profile political strife, I’m at a loss today. This is beautiful, though. You should take a deep breath, and watch, and enjoy. … Continued

The Faces of Facebook

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I, like many people it seems, have a love-hate relationship with The Facebook. I maintain my account for the ability to keep in touch, I hate the event “maybes,” but most importantly any trip down the rabbithole that is my … Continued


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Today happened too fast. This feels slower—and yet reminds us that every day happens too fast. video credit: Anthony Cerniello

What A Difference Your Love Makes

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This is our packing anthem this weekend, both for the song itself and the video. Be sure to listen to the a cappella version, too, for an even greater appreciation. Enjoy! video credit: Basement Jaxx

Night Stroll

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Jack came across this mesmerizing video a few weeks ago, and it’s been sitting in the blog queue ever since; I couldn’t bring myself to roll it into a round-up post, but I’m so speechless over the unfathomable (for me) … Continued

The Spokesman

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For your Saturday, this mini movie from Dean Saffron about James, a bike collector and believer in time capsules. Enjoy! video credit: Dean Saffron