Get Lucky

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Jack has been dancing around to Daft Punk’s Get Lucky since the single was released weeks ago, but yesterday he came across two new takes that piqued our interest.

The User Is Drunk

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We get a little worked up about user experience, online and in daily life. (Why are horizontal door handles clearly meant to be pushed ever acceptable on pull doors?!) Jack sent me this little snippet last night, and it’s really … Continued

Pocket Planets

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Jack and I spent part of Sunday riding out to Blue Hills, and then hiking to the summit. (To his credit, Jack would have preferred to ride to the top; I refused to make that climb on my fixie.) It … Continued

Tuna Melt

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This music video isn’t the first of its kind, but it’s a current favorite in our house. A song for your Saturday night: enjoy! video credit: Potato

Pumped Up

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Five minutes of laughs for your Saturday. (I want to be friends with this couple.) video credit: The Tonight Show | and, Part 2

Take a Leap

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A spare day? This is the stuff of my dreams! (Though really, an extra hour or two per day would be better still.) In broad strokes, I understand the concept of the Leap Year, and you probably do, too; that … Continued

Let It Snow

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In honor of last night’s fleeting snowfall in Boston (the arrival of winter at last?): an incredibly slick urban skiing video. Enjoy!

Put It In Motion

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A few weeks back, when Cee Lo Green leaked an unofficial, typographically animated video for his latest track ahead of the official release, it quickly made its rounds about the blogosphere. (We personally, even after the official video release, are partial … Continued

Fancy Footwork

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We’re feeling a bit more Chromeo obsessed than usual, in light of their Boston show tomorrow and the impending release of their latest album. Take a quick listen, and you’ll be hooked too. Pinky-swear.