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Don’t Take Pictures: Issue 5

One of the many projects of the summer, Issue 5 of Don’t Take Pictures has gone to print and is available now! Once again, we took on the print layout and design for the biannual photography journal, and found that the influence of trending blush tones can be seen in this issue’s cover, too. Per usual, the photography featured […]

Boston Marathon Train Roll: Same Poster, Lower Price

boston marathon // union jack creative

Marathon Monday has always been a key marker of the change of seasons for us: sure, it can snow in mid-April, or be blustery and rainy and miserable, but no matter the weather on the actual day, it’s an indication that we’ve collectively made it. Whether as a runner training through winter and finally arriving at race […]

Everyday Letters: Practice Makes Perfect

everyday letters: practice makes perfect, pens and hand-lettered monday // union jack creative

The only way to improve skills, especially when using new tools, is practice – but I still sometimes have a hard time “wasting” paper to test our press or practice letters. That’s how Monday ended up on a pressed black zigzag when I wanted to play with a gold Kuratake brush pen this morning, admittedly lending […]

It’s Almost, Kind Of, Sort Of Spring

it might as well be spring hand-lettering // union jack creative

It’s officially Spring! And it sure doesn’t feel like it here. But, never mind that. It’s Friday, too! I did a bit of doodling over lunch, inspired as I always am on the first day of Spring by a jazz standard, and inspired typographically by a lovely letter from Joshua Phillips that was circulating Pinterest. Spring: […]

Don’t Take Pictures: Issue 4

don't take pictures issue 4 // union jack creative

Another issue of Don’t Take Pictures is available! Issue 4 is our fourth layout for the biannual photography journal, available in print and online, and includes a reworking of the original DTP logo with a serif font. We began our work with DTP on Issue 1 in 2013, developing the brand and layout for the journal […]

Who you gonna call? (New) Ghostbusters!

new ghostbusters card // union jack creative

Due out in July 2016, the next Ghostbusters movie will be a series reboot – featuring an all-female foursome! Leslie Jones, Kate McKinnon, Melissa McCarthy and Kristen Wiig have been cast in the spirit-slaying roles, amid much consternation from people I assume are afraid of powerful women and change. We put together a bold, 5×7 […]

Everyday Letters: Make-Your-Own Mugs

What’s that, Boston? You’ve run out of Netflix to watch, and between fighting for the T and navigating avalanche conditions on the street, you never want to leave home again, but you need something to do when the ice pellets come this weekend? Back in the pre-snow days, before the holidays even, we tackled a […]