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Color Trend: Blush

We’ve spent our summer season treasuring every light, airy moment we could get, and we’re not alone: pale palettes, and especially pinks, have been infiltrating our feeds as blush takes hold as an accent color playing well with warmth, and having staying power and formality when paired with whites, greys, black and gold, too. We’ve loved seeing watercolor […]

Wedding Invitations: Brenda + Jake

We’re getting started on the next issue of Don’t Take Pictures and working on our own holiday stationery this weekend, but just over a month ago, Brenda and Jake celebrated their marriage with friends and family in Sturbridge. The couple’s Save the Dates, designed by the groom, were dead ringers for Ticketmaster concert tickets. When we set […]

Casual Wedding Calligraphy

Formal, copperplate script calligraphy is a beautiful, elegant and timeless addition to invitations—and we’ve done it!—but it’s labor-intensive and, accordingly, expensive. On the other hand, addressing envelopes yourself can be tedious and frustrating, and printed labels might not have the festive feel you’re looking for. Casual calligraphy is a great option, and I’ve been doing […]

Gilded: New Years Eve 2014

There’s something about this week; between the nor’easters and the polar vortexes and the Monday holidays, I’ve had a really tough time keeping track of the days. Today, for example, is apparently National Handwriting Day. (Thank you—again—for the heads up, Kelly!) No matter! We’re overdue on sharing our New Years invites and holiday cards regardless […]

Excellent Eggs

As a kid, egg decorating with my great aunt Nita (“Nina” to me) was always a highlight of spring. No ordinary dip-and-dye would do for Nina, the retired art teacher, and me, meticulous art teacher’s daughter that I was. We poked pins into pencil erasers and dipped the pin heads into melted parafin to draw […]

Festivities and Photo Booths

What, this wasn’t part of your New Year’s celebration? That’s a shame. We kicked off 2012 with our annual shindig, with a few new additions – most importantly, a photo booth. We’ll share this year’s invitations and a few recipes from the fete that were a hit soon; in the meantime, a few of our favorite shots.