Excellent Eggs

As a kid, egg decorating with my great aunt Nita (“Nina” to me) was always a highlight of spring. No ordinary dip-and-dye would do for Nina, the retired art teacher, and me, meticulous art teacher’s daughter that I was. We poked pins into pencil erasers and dipped the pin heads into melted parafin to draw messages and designs on our eggs before dying them – and there were layers. It was a whole day affair, and a color wheel lesson to boot.

excellent eggs // union jack creative

I haven’t decorated eggs in a long time, but this year some fascinating designs have been popping up – and they’re just so cool, it’s tempting. If you haven’t had your fill of egg decoration yet, maybe one of these methods will strike your fancy. (egg credit: SheKnows)

excellent eggs // union jack creative

egg credits: 1-Lil’ Luna; 2-Sugar & Charm; 3-Obviously Sweet; 4-Studio DIY; 5-Chocolate Shavings; 6-Martha Stewart; 7-How About Orange; 8-FruFly; 9-Joy Ever After

excellent eggs // union jack creative

egg credits: 10-Oh Happy Day; 11-Caisa K; 12-The Alison Show; 13-Martha Stewart; 14-via DigsDigs; 15-Oh Happy Day

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