Buying on Etsy for Weddings and Events

etsy for events: custom envelope lettering and addressing // union jack creative

SheFinds asked us for our advice to brides hoping to use Etsy to source their wedding – how to streamline and simplify, and how to keep the stress low – and our tips along with others’ are on the site today!

etsy for events: custom envelope lettering and addressing // union jack creative

We had more to say than the piece called for, so here are a few additional tips if you’re thinking of using Etsy for your event:

Consider asking one vendor if they would be able to price out coordinating materials on a custom basis, so they all match – for example, asking the seller of your invitations if they would be able to also sell you personalized coasters in the same style, or save the dates and escort cards in the same stock and design. We love to work on multiple pieces for the same client, because we can carry custom design elements – logos, monograms, flourishes – and styles across jobs. It’s a simple next step for us, and less expensive overall for you. Just ask!

Custom work and handmade items take time! Some items might already be made and ready to ship, but many pieces for weddings and events will need some amount of finishing. On Etsy, look closely at “Ships In” timelines and details, and when in doubt, ASK! Use Etsy’s messaging function to communicate and confirm what you need to know, and be up-front with vendors – on Etsy and off – about time constraints when you first reach out.

If you can, check an Etsy seller’s home site – many have standalone websites and even separate shops, like ours! Etsy is a wonderful platform for finding vendors, but since Etsy also takes a cut of each sale, sellers may need to price items higher than they would otherwise. Additionally, we offer items on our site that don’t meet Etsy’s handmade requirements, including pre-designed, personalized, digital invitation files that you can print yourself to save time and money. Check sellers’ other work to be sure you’re getting the best rate for you – and for the vendor you want to work with!

etsy for events: custom invitations in black and gold // union jack creative

Have you used Etsy to find vendors for your wedding or another event? What other tips should folks keep in mind? Find additional tips from other professionals at SheFinds, and Union Jack Creative on Etsy.

image credits: Union Jack Creative

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