Friday Fancies

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We’ve been buried in drywall and deadlines—oops!—but quick, before another week slips away from us, a big thank you to Wayfair’s Boston team for hosting a lovely event with Dwell Studio’s Christiane Lemieux last night! Jack and I have (clearly) … Continued

Love Letters

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Jack and I are not particularly pro-Valentine’s Day, but we are very much in favor of love notes and lovely letters; as a result, this particular mid-winter week can raise conflicting opinions for us. This year, though, we’ve gathered our … Continued

Be Relentless

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We’re still working through some red tape with the house (and I still haven’t had a spare moment to get photos off the camera), but even as we move slowly forward, a common theme has emerged throughout the process. Having … Continued

Back on Track

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We’re alive! After a whole week out of work and in the house doing work, we still have spotty internet, unfinished paint, piles of boxes and a peeling bathroom ceiling – but the house deal that has been stressing us … Continued

Don’t Take Pictures

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Earlier this summer, just before our offer was accepted for the hopeful house-to-be, we agreed to take on the design and layout of the innaugural issue of Don’t Take Pictures, a publication from The Kiernan Gallery. Amidst the housing drama, … Continued