Be Relentless

We’re still working through some red tape with the house (and I still haven’t had a spare moment to get photos off the camera), but even as we move slowly forward, a common theme has emerged throughout the process.

be relentless // union jack creative

Having nearly lost our minds navigating the pitfalls and bureaucracy of buying a multi-family home in Boston—and having, ultimately, thus far, been successful—I can’t imagine how anyone less deranged annoyingly persistent could purchase property. Madness, all of it.

After my umpteenth call to the Boston Housing Authority today, we’ve made contact on our latest challenge, and that’s all well and good. The lesson that remains, that I think we can all stand to apply to our lives and goals and intentions, is the absolute necessity of persistence.

Be restless. Be resilient. Be absolutely relentless.

(A good teammate doesn’t hurt, either—here’s to a slightly less manic ninth year!)

union jack creative

image credits: Union Jack Creative

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