Back on Track

We’re alive! After a whole week out of work and in the house doing work, we still have spotty internet, unfinished paint, piles of boxes and a peeling bathroom ceiling – but the house deal that has been stressing us out since July, what with the transient living and the ups and the downs, has come to a close.

back on track // union jack creative

So here we are. Over the past few weeks we’ve been prepping, schlepping, painting, repairing, cleaning (and climbing to do so), with a few breaks for speaking engagements, dinner dates¬†and Behance portfolio reviews. Project posts will take a decidedly house-and-home turn in the coming weeks, and we’ve got more moving tips to share – especially for anyone in a long-term storage situation between residences as we were.

back on track // union jack creative

The yard is raked, the green is gone, the mountains of keys are (mostly) sorted and the essentials (cooler contents) are unpacked. Boston via Hopkinton marathon posters are back online, and the original finish is going fast. If you’ve been hoping to see them pre-holidays, you’re in luck! Stay tuned for more.

image credits: Union Jack Creative

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