Love Letters

Jack and I are not particularly pro-Valentine’s Day, but we are very much in favor of love notes and lovely letters; as a result, this particular mid-winter week can raise conflicting opinions for us.

love letters // union jack creative

This year, though, we’ve gathered our Valentine’s energies for good. In the midst of my lettering practice, we discovered a stash of blank notecards and a Do Something campaign to collect love letters for older adults receiving Meals on Wheels. Et voila!

And the campaign is still on! Send your Valentine’s cards to your nearest Meals on Wheels location, and they’ll be delivered with meals this weekend. Sadly, with our house literally torn apart, the remainder of our creations will have to remain undocumented, off to be enjoyed (I hope!) by those who receive them.

If this sounds like your sort of celebration, head to the Do Something campaign for details, grab some spare supplies and send your cards in soon!

image credit: Union Jack Creative

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