Common Ground: Kissed Off

I’ll go ahead and blame Valentine’s Day for this post—I suggest the squeamish scroll no further. (But it’s just so good.)

Jack happened upon this gif last week: a kiss, filmed from inside the mouth of one participant. It’s horrifying, and off-putting, and really, reallyreally fascinating. You can’t look away, right?

I was immediately reminded of a piece currently on view at the ICA in Boston, in which Marilyn Minter filmed models licking and sucking assorted liquids off of glass from below the surface.

If that gif unsettles your stomach, Minter’s video will, too; if you’d like to stare at it in person for a while, as I have, get thee to the ICA’s Expanding the Field of Painting exhibit. Perhaps take your Valentine, too?

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gif credit: MrRobatoGotAGato, via Sploid

video credit: Marilyn Minter

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