Boston Marathon Train Roll: Same Poster, Lower Price

boston marathon // union jack creative

Marathon Monday has always been a key marker of the change of seasons for us: sure, it can snow in mid-April, or be blustery and rainy and miserable, but no matter the weather on the actual day, it’s an indication that we’ve collectively made it. Whether as a runner training through winter and finally arriving at race day, or a resident of the city in need of a Monday holiday and some optimism amid hopefully brighter skies, Marathon Monday marks a finish line of many sorts.

boston marathon poster // union jack creative

We’ve been selling our Boston Marathon train roll poster since my navigation of the legendary route in 2012, but in the most recent printing our costs went down—so we’re lowering the price for you, too! New pricing is reflected in our shop.

boston marathon poster // union jack creative

Interested in wholesale pricing? We’ve got that, too—just ask!

How will you celebrate Marathon Monday? Are you running this year, or on the sidelines cheering?

image credits: Union Jack Creative

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