Life Lately

It’s finally warmer outside, and work of a less creative persuasion has picked up accordingly – we’ve been planting and patching and repairing winter’s damage, but we fit a quick trip to Miami in before things picked up, too. Here’s what we’ve been up to!

life lately // union jack creative

1-Home Depot runs in a Miata include mulch behind the driver seat; 2-House Industries went all black and gold and velo, and it was great; 3-BU Bridge bike adventures (it’s Bike Month!)

4-prepping posters for sale; 5-our Boston Marathon train roll poster in the Ragnar Relay booth at the 2015 expo; 6-always coffee

7-Midway Cafe; 8-McGolf; 9-Franklin Park bike adventures (it’s Bike Month!)

life lately // union jack creative

10-beards on a plane; 11-Wynwood sidewalks; 12-Yardbird’s porkchop cocktail (we went back twice; everything they touch is amazing)

13-the Delano is our happy place; 14-sunset catamaran cruise; 15-Fontainebleau floors

16-mojitos at Versailles; 17-more Fontainebleau; 18-Wynwood Brewing

image credits: Union Jack Creative

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