The Faces of Facebook

I, like many people it seems, have a love-hate relationship with The Facebook. I maintain my account for the ability to keep in touch, I hate the event “maybes,” but most importantly any trip down the rabbithole that is my Facebook feed is certain death to productivity. I avoid it.

the faces of facebook // union jack creative

Every once in a while, something comes along that makes me smile for having kept my account all these years; Natalia Rojas’ “The Faces of Facebook” project is just such a thing.

the faces of facebook // union jack creative

We’re softies for data visualization, and Rojas’ work pulls Facebook profile pictures and sorts them chronologically by the date of signup. No information is stored: just publicly available information, made colorful, assigned a number and sleekly organized.

the faces of facebook // union jack creative

You can browse the data, or log in with Facebook to find your friends and your own signup number. White squares indicate friends on the home page; when you’re zoomed in, they’re circled. If you, like me, have friends who joined around the same time as you, you may even be able to find your own square. (#300,995 represent!)

the faces of facebook // union jack creative

“The Faces of Facebook” even works on Internet Explorer—go on, give it a try! What’s your signup ranking? For more work from Natalia Rojas, stop by her website.

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