Michael Shainblum’s Mirror City

Last week in the midst of the move, I came across a still shot from Michael Shainblum’s “Mirror City,” and I was blown away when I unearthed the video itself.

Shainblum turns timelapse videos of urban environments into a kaleidoscopic love letter for anyone who has ever fallen for a city.

Be sure to watch the behind the scenes video as well; it’s fascinating to catch a glimpse of the techniques used for the dizzying “Mirror City” shots. Footage is flipped and mirrored in post-production, but the movement that Shainblum captures in¬†filming is soothing and mesmerizing.

michael shainblum // union jack creative

For more work from Michael Shainblum, including a really amazing series of night sky photos, head to his portfolio.

video credits: Michael Shainblum

image credit: Michael Shainblum

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