Running on Empty

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Perhaps empty isn’t quite the correct term; certainly we’ve been preoccupied, as the minimal posting here shows. It’s primarily my fault – I’m running the Boston Marathon for charity in April, and over the past few months training, fundraising and … Continued

Ever Evolving

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We’ve been working on some substantial changes to the Union Jack Creative site, including a pretty drastic switch from dark to light and some added features to make our content easier to navigate.

Learning Linux

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This weekend, Jack installed Ubuntu for netbooks onto my Eee PC; it turns out, running Windows on 4GB of memory is not the most efficient option. I had been hesitant to make the change; I’m not the computer-savvy half of … Continued

For Whom the Bell Tolls

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We did some wine tasting this weekend in the Finger Lakes region of New York with family, and made a stop at Bellwether Hard Cider in Trumansburg. We expected the cider to be on the sweeter side, and were pleasantly surprised … Continued