Learning Linux

This weekend, Jack installed Ubuntu for netbooks onto my Eee PC; it turns out, running Windows on 4GB of memory is not the most efficient option. I had been hesitant to make the change; I’m not the computer-savvy half of our team, after all, and “Linux” was one of those terms that had always been an indicator for me to leave a conversation when it came into play.

Jack found my trepidation comical; he made the change, showed me the ropes and let me play around for a few hours before checking in.

Jack: How are you liking Linux?

Kate: It’s fine, easy enough.

Jack: Much faster, right?

Kate: Sure…and, it’s purple!


Of course, Linux itself is not purple, and I am well aware of that at least; but look at that home screen! It doesn’t hurt that the Ubuntu interface is incredibly intuitive and an easy transition. Thanks, Jack!

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