Friday Fancies

I was about to start this post with a comment about how quickly Friday sneaked up on us; then I realized that that’s becoming a bit of theme, and that’s pretty boring. Perhaps we just need to adjust to the busy-ness of business, and reevaluate our norm.

On the plus side, it’s Friday! We’re staying in Boston for the weekend, helping Jack’s sister settle in for her first year of school and looking forward to a lazy (but project-heavy) Sunday. With waffles.

Phillip Toledano first caught my attention a few months ago with his Days With My Father project, a very personal, very touching look at the process of aging and his last few years with his father. I was moved to tears.

More recently, I discovered another of his projects, titled The United States of Entertainment. In Toledano’s own words,

I’ve always felt that the very soul of a country is reflected in the way in which it entertains itself.

So how does America amuse itself? And what does it say about the very nature of the American soul?

In all of Toledano’s work, I found projects carefully curated by theme, examining topics potentially uncomfortable for the viewer, while remaining detached and not preachy; questions are posed for the viewer to grapple with alone. His entire portfolio and links to other projects can be found here. (image credit: Phillip Toledano)

I’ve discussed our differing opinions on ruffled pillows here before; my affinity for them resulted in The HomeCentric’s Etsy shop catching my eye this week. In addition to some delightful ruffled options, offerings include a range of surprising textures in throw pillow form, and I was impressed with the sleek look and creative use of materials. Check out more in The HomeCentric’s Etsy shop. (image credit: The HomeCentric)

Austin Kleon was not the first person to use a permanent marker to redact portions of newspaper articles to create poetry, but he has certainly become the most well-known. His poems, which he began doing in hopes of curing writer’s block, spread like wildfire, and became so popular that a book was recently published. Austin’s blog is a delight to read, and the masterpieces he pulls from the newspaper are an inspiring lesson in what a difference a change in perspective can make. Read more poetry, and more about Austin, at Newspaper Blackout. (image credit: Austin Kleon)

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