TEDxCambridge + Mastering Metadata

On Friday, Jack and I had a chance to attend talks at TEDxCambridge, focusing on local research and the Cantabrigian spirit.

tedxcambridge // union jack creative

One of our favorite talks came from Deepak Jagdish and Daniel Smilkov, researchers at MIT’s Media Lab and the people behind Immersion, a tool that allows you to map and manipulate your email metadata.

immersion // union jack creative

I’m still sifting through my own data, but the information pulled just from recipients, senders, time and date is fascinating. (Jack and I have shared over 6,000 emails in our 7.6 year email history—and that doesn’t count AIM chats.)

immersion // union jack creative

Log in to pull your own data, and if you don’t want Immersion to save anything, be sure to select “log out and delete.” Enjoy!

image credits: 1-Union Jack Creative; 2,3-Immersion

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