Craving Caffeine

We’re coffee lovers – it’s no secret.

This morning, though, it seemed others were feeling particularly vocal about their coffee habits. From Katie’s post about her newly discovered love, to Kelly and Abby seeking out their respective fixes, contemplations on caffeination were popping up all over the place for a few hot seconds, and it got me thinking about the relevance of coffee in our lives as well.

Coffee was fairly involved in the very beginnings of our relationship, years ago. Jack brought me coffee in class; Jack introduced me to the french press at a party; we spent hours at the coffee shop around the corner from his then-apartment, reading, sketching, plotting adventures.

By the time I started my first job in a law firm, I was already a big coffee fan. Suddenly, I found free coffee available to me all day, every day – and that, friends, was what really did me in. I quickly became an addict.

We’ve taken our coffee addiction along in our travels. In Rome we drank our due espressos standing at a bar, as is the norm; in Paris, Geneva, multiple daily cafe visits were requisite; in Rio, we started each morning with a strong cup and a side of guava juice at the ubiquitous breakfast buffets; when camping, we rely on the french press.

Caffeination is also a comforting part of daily routine. I, awake before Jack, brew six cups of coffee; I drink one, and leave the rest to fill his thermos to take to work. On weekends, we try to limit ourselves to one pot per day. In the mood for iced coffee? Cold brew in the french press. A quick shot of espresso to stay awake Friday night? The stovetop macchinetta will do.

And so, Katie, welcome to the coffee-loving flock – there’s much to learn and enjoy here.

3 thoughts on “Craving Caffeine

  1. Kate says:

    Abby, I believe it – but I’m a bit jealous that you can skip the coffee without a headache! It’s a definite necessity for me, even if it’s delayed some mornings…

  2. Beki says:

    …so much so that there is always a bag of the stuff WITH caffeine tucked away in our Pennsylvania kitchen for your visits home. As you know, mine is always sans caffeine.

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