Friday Fancies

A definite chill has set into the Boston air, and we’ve been left wondering where exactly we stashed our winter things; uncovering the winter biking gloves is definitely on the agenda this weekend, in addition to home-brewing adventures (for Jack) and a good old-fashioned cross country race in Franklin Park (for me).

I found myself bookmarking a lot of amazing things discovered this week, and picking just a few for Friday was a challenge.

One of the contenders that particularly struck our fancy was photographer Jan Kriwol. Responsible for a good bit of commercial photography in addition to his personal work, Kriwol’s Paper Reality series features a photographic trompe l’oeil with a sense of humor. Additional works in the series, along with a full commerical portfolio, can be found at Kriwol’s site. (image credit: Jan Kriwol)

I’ve shared my infatuation with Billy Bride jewelry on my personal blog before, but this particular Izar ring was begging for a Union Jack feature. Designed and created in Australia, Billy Bride uses naturally occuring stones to create one-of-a-kind pieces that are uniformly stunning. Follow their newest creations on the Billy Bride blog, or do a bit of shopping for yourself. (image credit: Billy Bride)

One of the least appealing aspects of winter is spending so much more time biking in the dark; by this time of year, when we leave the office every day, darkness has definitively fallen. This fact of daily life, combined with layers of winter biking gear (all in black), make our blinking lights and colored bags our only, measely defenses against oblivious motorists, and every single excursion becomes more stressful than its summertime sibling.

And so, these genius LFLECT scarves from Lost Values are very, very appealing. No Bostonian in their right mind leaves the house between October and May sans scarf, after all; adding reflective fibers to merino wool to create his-and-hers scarves that shine brightly in oncoming lights is sheer brilliance, and these accessories are far more attractive than blinky lights and reflective ankle bands. The LFLECT line also features hats, bags and pompoms – oh yes – so be sure to check out more at Lost Values. (image credits: Lost Values)

Happy Weekend, everyone!

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