UJC’s Best of Boston

It all started with a tweet.

First off, we’re flattered; second, we realized we’ve been on a new-places hiatus since closing, and that seems a real shame.

ujc's best of boston // union jack creative

Jack and I keep a running google doc of our favorite spots and sights which we tailor and pass along to visitors and newcomers, and I honestly hadn’t considered using Pinterest’s new places feature to map those recommendations. Thank you, Elizabeth, for the nudge! (And, thanks to Sarah for the inspiration.)

ujc's best of boston // union jack creative

And so, as of yesterday, you can find a few of our favorite things over on Pinterest—we’ll keep adding to this map as we have time. My biggest complaint is that the pins aren’t sortable (what if someone wants to know the best cocktail spots? [Clio. Full stop.] or maybe the best galleries? why can’t we rank them rather than sorting in order of addition to the map?). Maybe we’ll have to develop and host our own guide at some point, instead.

ujc's best of boston // union jack creative

In the meantime, catch our highlights and suggestions at UJC’s Best of Boston. We hope you’ll love them too.

What are your top tips in the Hub?

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2 thoughts on “UJC’s Best of Boston

  1. elizabeth says:

    THIS IS SO COOL!! I knew you were the right pair for the job! I can’t wait to follow along AND meet up with you in a few of these.

    thank you!!

  2. Smita says:

    Neil and I are always like, “Did Kate and Jack recommend this place??” And I have to refer to your instagram feed! LOL! Thanks for this! Haven’t seen you guys in forever. DRINKS SOON PLEASE?

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