All American

When I got word at the last minute that I could take this whole holiday week off, visions of fabled “free time” danced through my head.

Not so much. (Turns out, we have plenty of work outside of work to catch up on.)

all american // union jack creative

If you’re looking toward the weekend anxiously, and perhaps considering your festive beverage options safe for daylight consumption, Deadspin has a roundup of cheap American beers, ranked. We don’t entirely agree (Name Tag above Yuengling? Nonsense; it tastes like cereal water), but we like the concept.

What would you change in the lineup?

image credit: Deadspin

One thought on “All American

  1. Clair says:

    Oh gosh, I’m suddenly realizing how horribly sheltered I am from American beers…I haven’t tried the vast majority of these. But I do like PBR and Narragansett, so I guess I’m on board. Love the visual display!

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