The Gift of Giving

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Jack and I are often blown away by the creativity, thoughtfulness and generosity of our friends and family—we are so grateful to have such wonderful people in our lives. We try our best to return the favor, but it would be hard for us to top the masterpiece that … Continued

Back on Track

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We’re alive! After a whole week out of work and in the house doing work, we still have spotty internet, unfinished paint, piles of boxes and a peeling bathroom ceiling – but the house deal that has been stressing us … Continued

Life Lately

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If I’m honest, the past few months have been middling, at best. Work is busy, home is busy, UJC is busy, and it’s election season; the house hits just kept coming, and though we’ve spent some lovely time with friends … Continued

Design Exchange Boston

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This morning I had a chance to stop by a breakfast roundtable as part of Design Exchange Boston, a series of events taking place this week celebrating design. This morning’s session focused on design as a career, but the wisdom … Continued

Life Lately

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Jack and I have been wandering about the eastern seaboard, visiting family and taking some time away from our myriad screens. We managed to fit in some golfing, some wine tasting, some basket weaving, some dominoes, some Oktoberfest, some hiking, … Continued

Back in the Saddle

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And we’re back. We packed our lives into 1,024 cubic feet, shipped it all off to storage, kept a few suitcases of necessary things for the next two months and moved ourselves into temporary space in JP complete with a … Continued

Get A Move On

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With the first truck stuck under a Storrow Drive overpass this season, Boston’s peak moving week has officially arrived. And—even though we swore we’d never do it again—we’re in the thick of it. So it goes. We’ll be spending the week finishing up … Continued