Boston Bloggers Summer Soiree

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Last night, betwixt moving tasks, Jack and I stopped by The Sinclair to catch up with a few familiar faces at the Boston Bloggers Summer Soiree. Alison and Kate did a fantastic time organizing the event, as always, and the turnout … Continued

Life Lately

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It seems impossible that it’s been barely a month since we made the decision to leave our current apartment and hope for a successful house hunt – it feels much, much longer. Low stress weeks, they were not. In other … Continued

Back in Boston

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I’m back from four days in NYC, attending a conference on behalf of Hollaback! Boston. Lessons were learned, friends were visited, cocktails were ordered, sidewalks were chalked. I’m still catching up. We’ll get back to regularly scheduled programming shortly. Cheers! … Continued

Canoeing the Ipswich River

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We’re still nursing wounds from the weekend – bug bites, leech bites and poison ivy, primarily – but our two-day trip down the Ipswich River with friends was a smashing success nonetheless. We headed out of the city in a … Continued

Take Five

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We rounded out our staycation week with Fourth of July festivities and our annual weekend trek to New Hampshire for lakeside talent shows and shenanigans. We were off the grid for a few days, so here’s a bit of what … Continued

Sturdivant Island

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Last weekend we packed up sleeping bags, bathing suits and lasagna and headed to Sturdivant Island with 23 friends for a quick getaway. There were lawn games, board games and card games; we swam, we paddled, we ate, we drank … Continued

Stranded on Sturdivant

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We spent a bit more time in Maine than we had planned. Sunday afternoon brought some fierce weather, and we opted to extend our stay instead of facing lightning on the open water. This morning, though we were ready to … Continued

Double Rainbow

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New England: if you don’t like the weather, wait a minute. There have been a lot of ups and downs this spring, and yesterday’s weather surprised everyone and no one at all. We were just leaving Clio with my mother, … Continued