Boston Bloggers Summer Soiree

Last night, betwixt moving tasks, Jack and I stopped by The Sinclair to catch up with a few familiar faces at the Boston Bloggers Summer Soiree. Alison and Kate did a fantastic time organizing the event, as always, and the turnout was excellent.

boston bloggers // union jack creative

We unfortunately couldn’t spend the whole evening because we have packing to do, but we caught up with Elizabeth, Kelly, Alex, Janee, Alana and Emily, and said a few quick hellos to SmitaEmily, Molly and Kristen before we had to duck out.

boston bloggers // union jack creative

boston bloggers // union jack creative

Many thanks to The Sinclair for hosting us! Want to connect with more local bloggers? Head over to the Boston Bloggers site for a directory and details on the group.

We’re so sad to have missed so many of you – until next time, friends!

image credits: Union Jack Creative

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