On The Move: Thoughts on Mary Reid Kelley + September First

Last night Jack and I stopped by the ICA for an opening reception for Mary Reid Kelley’s exhibit. (So good.)

ica boston // union jack creative

The exhibit includes four videos, in which Reid Kelley puts in motion an illustrated world in black and white, filled with rapid-fire word play that rivals Kanye; The Syphilis of Sysiphus was our favorite. Absolutely stop by the ICA to catch Reid Kelley’s work while it’s here, and read more about the exhibit at the ICA Boston site.

mary reid kelley // union jack creative

Wheels are also officially¬†in motion for a move for us in a few weeks, along with the rest of the city, on September 1. We’re not yet quite sure where we’ll end up, but it won’t be where we are now; if things get quiet for a bit as we pack, plan and try to purchase property, we hope you’ll understand. More to come soon!

ica boston // union jack creative

image credits: Union Jack Creative

3 thoughts on “On The Move: Thoughts on Mary Reid Kelley + September First

  1. elizabeth says:

    sounds like a great exhibit and what a spectacular night to be at the ICA. can’t wait to hear all about your moving/purchasing excitement!

  2. Mutti says:

    You’ll need to share the ICA with me on one of my trips to the city. I’ve seen your photos out that bank of windows overlooking the water so often, and they are all spectacular!

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