Life Lately

We hit the ground running this year, with a new issue of Don’t Take Pictures in the works, more wedding invitations on the docket, and plenty going on around Boston. Here’s a look back at the holiday season and the start of the new year!

life lately // union jack creative

L-R, top to bottom: 1-pressing New Years sandwiches with the heaviest components of our library; 2-a rainy road trip across the northeast for the holidays; 3-lots of letters for holiday gift projects

4-geared up for winter biking – catch Kate’s feature in the Boston Globe!; 5-addressing holiday cards; 6-starting 2015 with a run

7-NYE invitation assembly; 8-Santa’s Workshop; 9-reupholstering stools

life lately // union jack creative

10-Jamie O’Neill at Lot F Gallery; 11-everyday letters and keeping things salt-free

13-Kate’s interview with Business Betties, talking tools, inspiration and the importance of balance; 14-Stage Nightclub’s preview of their new American Vaudeville concept

We’re excited for what 2015 has in store. What are you working on this year?

image credits: 13-Business Betties; remainder-Union Jack Creative

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