Jack and The Bots

We’ve been in our current apartment for almost three years. When we first moved in, we dug through my old art homework and hung a series of rough sketches as a placeholder on the dining room wall, fully intending to replace them with “real” art when we found the right piece.

jack and the bots // union jack creative

And, here they are, still unframed and hung with binder clips. They’ve been affectionately dubbed “The Robots” in the meantime; everyone loves them, and we’ve never found the right piece to replace them.

jack and the bots // union jack creative

We tried a large mirror, but liked it better as a floor mirror in the hall; we acquired new smaller works over the past four years, but none suited the large span in the dining room quite like the robot series.

jack and the bots // union jack creative

The bots, unfortunately, are on their last legs. Spring is coming, and with it open windows – the breeze through the house always ruffles these guys slightly, and at five years old, four years on display, the very non-archival newsprint is yellowed to a crisp. One good gust could do them in, and they certainly wouldn’t handle storage or moving from the wall.

jack and the bots // union jack creative

I was feeling a little melancholy about their inevitable destruction yesterday, and snapped a few pictures for posterity. Maybe one day we’ll get all meta and print large hi-res reproductions; more likely, we’ll just move on.

jack and the bots // union jack creative

What do you have around your home that was meant as a temporary solution, but became embedded in daily life?

image credits: Union Jack Creative, feat. Jack + The Bots

3 thoughts on “Jack and The Bots

  1. Mutti says:

    Couldn’t you frame them to preserve them better and keep them longer? I know you like the clips, but it seems a shame to trash them just because they’ve aged a bit. Perhaps your favorite local “used stuff” store would have some affordable frames, or Jack could build something simple out of pipes, or wooden strips, or some other material? I suggest you don’t trash the bots before they’ve been replaced.

  2. Kate says:

    They’re not leaving just yet, not to worry! I’m just not sure they would survive, say, a hypothetical move.

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