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I’m spending some time today tagging along on Jack’s homework: sketching practice. We’ve moved through lines, arcs, circles, ellipses, squares, triangles and textures, and while he moves on to icons and wire frames I’m hung up, per usual, on type.


Basic sketching techniques apply to the work we’ve done in monogram design as well – repeating shapes ad nauseum, until we’ve constructed something we want to refine further digitally. When doing any hand lettering work, I also repeat test letters (especially pesky capital T’s, F’s and Z’s) to hone in on the shape and flourish I want. Really breaking down the components of a letter and focusing on each shape individually can be enlightening and helpful, if tedious.

ziebetzki type scan v

Which brings me to Tony Ziebetzki’s scanned type alphabet.

As an exercise in breaking down the construction of type, Ziebetzki used a ruler, a scalpel, white paper and a scanner to create the alphabet, with some mesmerizing results. I’ve included some favorites here; click through to view the entire project on Behance, or head to Ziebetzki’s portfolio to see more of his work.

ziebetzki type scan n

ziebetzki type scan k

ziebetzki type scan b

ziebetzki type scan e

image credits: 1-Union Jack Creative; 2,3,4,5,6-Tony Ziebetzki

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