Everyday Letters: Rubbish

We have not yet had too many exciting house projects to share. So far, aside from rectifying some heinous green paint, repairs and projects have addressed important things, but not pretty things or even remotely photogenic things.

everyday letters // union jack creative

This project isn’t exciting or photogenic either—but our much-needed new trash cans were pretty exciting to us.

everyday letters // union jack creative

In our neighborhood, perhaps especially during a winter as snowy as this one, trash and recycling bins tend to make their way into the street along with strollers, ironing boards and air conditioners as space savers. As non-drivers, we have no particular affinity for the practice, and more than once we’ve had to wander to street to round up our bins and return them to our property.

everyday letters // union jack creative

So, it was essential that our new trash cans be labeled promptly, and we weren’t keen on the scrawled paint that seems to be the standard. I was in favor of spraypainting them gold, but Jack persuaded me that a more subtle solution might be in order.

everyday letters // union jack creative

The inspiration for my stencil ‘4’ was actually this house number I’ve had my eye on; I made a minor modification to keep the stencil in one piece, taped the edges in packing tape so it wouldn’t get soggy, and waited for a mild, sunny day (clearly, last week).

In truth, this whole project is anti-climactic, even in blog post form—but there’s something to be said for bringing design to mundane things. Cheers!

image credits: Union Jack Creative

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