Common Ground: Windowpane in Art + Fashion

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Windowpane checks starting appearing all over the place last fall, making a grand resurgence in fashion and decor.

common ground: windowpane // union jack creative

The checks that are currently popular on everything from pants to pillows also bring to mind two stark, geometric works from contemporary artists Hyo Kwon and Jannis Kounellis.

common ground: windowpane // union jack creative

Click through to see more from Hyo Kwon and Jannis Kounellis in their portfolios. Where else have you seen windowpane patterns popping up?

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image credits: 1-Hyo Kwon; 2-Olive & Oak, via Pinterest; 3-Jannis Kounellis, via Patternity; 4-Raydene Salinas, via Pinterest

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