Doing the Dirty Work

There are some really fun parts of running a creative business and renovating a house. There are some really great things about living in Boston and eating and drinking and socializing in Boston and biking in Boston. There are moments that are perfect for sharing and moments that are perfectly photogenic.

doing the dirty work // union jack creative

There are also times when laundry needs to be done, websites need to be updated, practice sketches need to happen, paintbrushes need to be taped to extension poles to reach the 18-foot stairwell ceiling, and it’s nor’eastering all over the basement floor.

doing the dirty work // union jack creative

Sometimes we have to break for the dirty work. This week we’re working at tying up loose ends of the site update and finishing the hallway painting we started earlier this year; they’re overwhelming projects we put off for months, completely lacking in glamour, but ultimately necessary, and so here we are.

What’s the dirty work you put off most often?

image credits: Union Jack Creative

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