Friday Fancies

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This week, we’re smitten with the lovable lamp from Adam Ben-Dror, Pinokio. Also take a peek at a brilliant Lego calendar from Vitamins, consider the business of fashionable fonts, get lost in Jim Campbell’s sculptural LED light installations and double-check your … Continued

Its Virtue Is Immense

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On Friday, Jack and I stopped by Lot F Gallery to check out a hand-painted script lettering exhibit opening. ITS VIRTUE IS IMMENSE: A Pre-Vinylite Society Tribute to Script Lettering was curated by Meredith Kasabian of local Best Dressed Signs, … Continued

Friday Fancies

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Oh hello, weekend. We’re off to check out a script lettering exhibit curated by Best Dressed Signs, but first! Will it beard? (Yes. Yes it will.) 20 Amazing Examples of Typography Sketches for Your Inspiration Time-Bending Collages of 18th-Century Paintings … Continued

Just My Type: Letters in Paper

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We try to keep tabs on type, to spot trends, find inspiration and sometimes just for practice. One particular typographic feat has been catching my eye lately more than usual, and it’s the cutting, folding, layering, lighting and other assorted … Continued

Love Letters

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Jack and I are not particularly pro-Valentine’s Day, but we are very much in favor of love notes and lovely letters; as a result, this particular mid-winter week can raise conflicting opinions for us. This year, though, we’ve gathered our … Continued