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Lately we’ve been spotting faceted, geometric shapes popping up in myriad places: textiles, home goods, jewelry, fashion, art, packaging, web design, type and everywhere in between. I’ve been keeping score on Pinterest, but it seemed high time to round up some examples … Continued

Hover and Gather

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Last night, I had the pleasure of finally checking out relative newbie Gather with Elizabeth. The view of the ICA was lovely, the staff was delightful (thanks, Chris!), the chicken and waffles was excellent, and the lights…those lights!

The Gift of Giving

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Jack and I are often blown away by the creativity, thoughtfulness and generosity of our friends and family—we are so grateful to have such wonderful people in our lives. We try our best to return the favor, but it would be hard for us to top the masterpiece that … Continued

The Minimal Music Quiz

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Jack and my father play the same game, naming the song artist, title and (if possible) album of every bit of music they encounter. I am abysmal at this game, and have been my whole life; when I haven’t the slightest … Continued

Design Exchange Boston

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This morning I had a chance to stop by a breakfast roundtable as part of Design Exchange Boston, a series of events taking place this week celebrating design. This morning’s session focused on design as a career, but the wisdom … Continued

The Faces of Facebook

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I, like many people it seems, have a love-hate relationship with The Facebook. I maintain my account for the ability to keep in touch, I hate the event “maybes,” but most importantly any trip down the rabbithole that is my … Continued