Friday Fancies

For the first weekend in quite some time, we won’t be away or packing these next few days. Whatever shall we do with ourselves?

phillip stearns // union jack creative

(The answer is: catch up on work.)

Kick things off with a perusal of Phillip Stearns’ Fragmented Memory—a tangible, loom-woven visual depiction of binary data—and then have a giggle at some really horrendous data visualizations. Catch a glimpse of ballet dancers in quotidien surroundings, consider an account of the internet described by prisoners who have never seen it, enjoy a fabulous, slow-motion wedding video booth, and read up on Play Me, I’m Yours, Luke Jerram’s street pianos installation coming to Boston at the end of this month.

What’s on tap for your weekend?

image credit: Phillip Stearns

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