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Common Ground: Joris Kuipers + Mademoiselle Maurice

Coffee is my favorite part of Monday mornings. Actually that’s not relevant here at all; we’ll get back that another day. A favorite stop for mornings in general, though, is the corner of the internet inhabited by Colossal. I’ve written about it before, and I certainly will again; Christopher Jobson’s curation of contemporary art never disappoints. […]

Common Ground: Aram Bartholl + Dóra Maurer

Neither Aram Bartholl’s 0,16 nor Dóra Maurer’s Printing till exhaustion are new works, but I happened upon the former last week just after scrolling past the latter, unattributed, on tumblr. Bartholl uses layers of paper and a light source to create a screen that pixelates shadows of the individual standing behind it. It’s an elegantly […]

Common Ground: Yuni Kim Lang + C. Bliss and Co.

I stashed C. Bliss and Co.’s Boxtwirl necklace away on a Pinterest wishlist months ago – something about the combination of textiles and geometry, and maybe that hint of Girl Scout, really appeals to me, and I’m a sucker for a statement necklace. Yuni Kim Lang’s oversized Black Knots series is comprised of similarly intriguing […]

Common Ground

Even though the rain is slowing, we’re looking forward to a laid back Sunday – after a smidgen of artistic festivity. Rotganzen’s corpulent, collapsing disco balls were kicking around the internet for quite some time before I came across their match, in the form of Andrea Marini’s glittering Flows. For more background on Rotganzen’s Quelle Fete melting […]

Common Ground

I was a fan of Trevor Baum’s arrow illustration when I first came across it beside a city skyline on Pinterest. The horizontal counterpart I later found on MATTER’s homepage seemed a perfect pairing. For more from Trevor Baum, visit his portfolio; the arrow image may have been lost to MATTER’s archives, but their site […]

Common Ground

I was puzzled by the list of materials cited for David Huycke’s Imitanulation #2: polyurethane, paint, steel, glass. On first look, the piece brought immediately to mind Tara Donovan’s Untitled (Pins), a cube of straight pins held together by nothing but their own weight and friction, that is part of the ICA’s permanent collection. Imitanulation certainly looked to be […]